Serenity’s Door is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), human services organization, with a six member Board of Directors. Established in 2010, Serenity’s Door Inc. recognized an imminent need to join the fight to raise public awareness of DV in the community. The organization was formed to empower women affected by domestic abuse, to take control of their lives.


The goal of Serenity’s Door Inc. is to eradicate domestic violence through education, community awareness, victim advocacy, and supportive programs. We not only focus on the emotional healing of women who have been abused, but also their children whom often do not display visible signs of abuse. Unfortunately, for abuse victim’s emotional scars often times are not as obvious as the physical ones. Statistically, emotional scarring from any type of abuse often creates severe depression, low self-esteem, social fears, and aggressive behavior in both adults and children. Our plan is to equip abuse victims with the tools and resources that will enable them the self-confidence to understand the importance of the preservation of their safety, sanity, and their peace of mind.


Our organization believes in keeping families together, and we strongly encourage professional counseling for male abusers as well. As a domestic violence organization, we have seen too often that women usually return to their abuser, only to receive that very same mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical abuse from the perpetrator, if not worse. Hence the effort of maintaining a woman’s safety, often times reconciling with the abuser is not an option. Therefore our primary concern is the female victim, and their emotional/physical well being. Serenity’s Door believes that strengthening abuse victims not only benefits the family they are left to rear, it also benefits the community as a whole.


The men and women who work and volunteer at Serenity’s Door are compassionate about our mission, and are committed to serving our community. The eradication of domestic violence is an ongoing quest, therefore we stand firm in our dedication to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and RAISING AWARNESS.

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We're Looking for New Board Members to join our 2022  Board of Directors

* Do you have a passion for supporting women affected by domestic violence?
* Are you committed to serving
women/children that have been displaced due to domestic abuse?
* Would you like to use your passion and special skills to help those in crisis?
Please email us at: info@serenitysdoor.org
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
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