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As a survivor of domestic violence, I have become an avid supporter of domestic violence awareness, and to serve as an advocate to women affected by violence. Our organization has assembled a team of men and women that are dedicated to assist families affected by violence become self-reliant. On our website you will find resources and links to services that may be helpful if you are in an abusive situation, and you are contemplating leaving.


The decision to leave is a very tough one, despite the abuse. In most cases, there are children, job, school, family members and friends to consider. Although, these factors are important, none of which are more important than your safety and the safety of your children. It is a sobering tragedy when relationships that started with such joy and hope deteriorate to circumstances in which one of the parties literally has to flee in order to maintain their safety. This is why organizations such as Serenity’s Door are so essential to our community.


Even though domestic violence situations vary from woman to woman; our goal at Serenity’s Door shall remain the same: to aid in the empowerment of women and children victimized by domestic abuse, and the promotion of community awareness.


Pamela M. Hawk

SDI Founder & Executive Director



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